Saturday, 27 October 2012

Red Breasted Flycatcher

With dark clouds building in the Sky and wind picking up
i left work not feeling to optimistic about the weather and my chances of locating the flycatcher, 
but since  i had my camera i decided to head down to the engine sheds at Kenidjack to 
try my luck.
My heart sank as  i arrived at the shed , no one was there except a couple of birders packing
away there scopes ( more in hope than anything ) i walked up to them and asked  if they have seen
anything but to my dismay they spent 2-3 hours looking but didn't see it.
I took a walk down the valley to look for any other photo opportunities around , on the way back to the bike
i seen a lone man standing by the bike with his binoculars glued  to his face . With him not moving and the binoculars still stuck tight to his face my mood increased the closer i got to him , taking a wide berth i slowly walked behind him and looked in the direction he was .
After a couple of moments  of scanning the area i finally got a fix on the flycatcher raising the camera to my
face  i started snapping of shots of the bird flitting between tree to tree .