Monday, 10 September 2012

Mute Swan - Drift

After checking the bird reports for anything new that has been spotted, i very quickly
came to the conclusion that what has been reported was to far away for me to get to and spend some time
getting photos, so i had a quick think of somewhere i haven't been for a while .
After a smoke and coffee drift came into my mind since i haven't been there at all this year 
on the account of the water level being so high. 
Once reaching the hide i opened up the shutters set the camera up and waited  to see what went past.
Apart from a couple of grebes on the far bank, a heron standing on a post in full view there wasn't really much going on . So there i was  just sitting there watching the swans and grebes doing there
thing getting a shot off here and there when i noticed this mute swimming closer to the hide.
Once he got within 5ft of the hide he started putting on a display by flicking water all over his back
and shaking it off again giving me some great  photos. ( maybe he just felt sorry for me sitting there. )