Where I Work

 YHA Lands End

Lands End Youth hostel is nestled in the quiet and
stunning location of Cot Valley in St Just west Cornwall . The building was a private house all the way up till 1939 when the Youth Hostel Association took over the running of the building . Today the hostel is a well established and a popular place having people and family's coming to stay with us from all over the world each year. The hostel is well located not being to far from st just or the sea but being far enough for you to get the quiet and relaxing atmosphere you get when your miles from nowhere.
yha sun rise
In the summer when the sun  is shining you get a amazing sunrise with the red sky and then the sun beaming 
through the trees. Throughout the whole day when the weather is good there's always somewhere in the hostel grounds where you will be warmed by the sunshine .

view from room 4

yha sun set

And the sun sets are second to none . 
Working at lands end for me is good i get all of the afternoon to go around taking photos from going down to the valley to photograph the choughs or going to drift  reservoir to photograph some of there rarer birds all within a 30 min drive from the hostel and when i go back for the evening shift i get to snap a few shots of the sun setting and the sky like its on fire between the valley walls, if we are  lucky we even see the green flash the sun gives off just as it vanishes  below the horizon for the night. Even when the weather is bad and blowing a gale i can still travel down into the valley and photo or  just watch the sea with mountainous waves smashing and pummelling against the cliffs .