Friday, 27 April 2012

Great Crested Grebe

After continuously checking the Cornwall birding web site and 
from it either not being updated regularly and just the fact that there's nothing 
much really happening  i took a chance and took off down to drift
to see if there was anything kicking around there, just reaching the
hide before the next shower came thundering down i sat down, opened up the
the viewing hatches and waited in anticipation,
A good couple hours past and time was ticking on till my next shift at the hostel
and only the swans and geese keeping me company, i was starting to think about packing up and going back to work when the rain stopped and the sun just popped out for a few seconds two grebe's came swimming past
the hide. quickly i grabbed my camera from the bench i managed to fire off a few shots of them
before they flew down to the north arm of the dam..