Thursday, 19 April 2012

Cornish Chough part 2

After my last my last encounter with the chough i was
very pleased with my first ever photos of them , but that made me want
even better and closer photos of this beautiful bird , you wouldn't
believe  this stunning bird is a relation of  the crow.
With the sun beaming and my camera strapped to my back i headed to work
for my morning shift thinking of where to go to grab the photos i wanted of the bird, 
when i got to work the sun was just blasting through the hostel windows and i kept 
looking  at the clock wishing the time would go faster but instead it seemed to be 
going slower and slower .
Finally 11:30 came and i got onto my bike and went straight to cot valley , as i parked 
up the choughs was already giving a great aerial display, my thoughts went straight to where the best 
place would be to get a nice and close photo of the chough.
I started walking the coast path and found what i thought would be a great location to catch the choughs 
and i wasn't disappointed.