Sunday, 2 September 2012


Now i got my lens back and working again (fingers crossed )and with the sun beaming 
(a rare sight at the moment ) 
i made my way to Marazion to try and grab a a sight of the spotted crake that
a guest who was staying at the hostel told me all about a couple days ago,
once i arrived my task of finding the location of the  spotted crake was made a lot easier by the gathering
of people milling around the far side of the marsh.
A good hour passed and still no sign of the crake while waiting i got talking to the bloke next to me, 
and he told me about the Buff-breasted sandpiper down on the beach and that he was going down to look
at it, since i didn't have a clue what to look for and where it was i asked if
i could tag along with him .
A very small group of people with scopes gave the location away of the bird 
once getting settled and i started snapping away, apart  from a family near enough stepping on it and then
asking us if they was in the way the sandpiper was very accommodating to us walking and feeding within
feet of us.