Monday, 2 April 2012

Cornish Chough's

This is my first post for a while , with work and my computer not working right i haven't been
out taking photos or posting them as much as i would of liked to .
Anyway now I'm back down Lands End youth hostel working I'm planning to get a lot more time
for photography .
After finishing the morning shift at the hostel i went down to cot valley and watched the choughs for the
afternoon, The chough are amazing in flight , swooping , and diving all over the place , it was very hard to get a clear photo of them in flight

while at cot being stunned by the choughs something caught my eye diving out of
the sky, It was a kestrel catching it's dinner .
I was a bit slow getting the camera onto the kestrel diving but i got a few
shots off just as it landed right on top of its prey