Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Pied Flycatcher

After a few days of nice hot sunny weather i had a look at the
Cornwall birding website just to find out that within 3 miles off work
at Nanquidno and at the airport was a sighting of a wryneck, Pied Flycatcher
and a hawfinch.
After finishing my shift i took off down there to see if i can get a few photos
of the Hawfinch, With no joy of seeing the Hawfinch or the wryneck which later i heard
was scared off into the trees next to the airfield i took a walk down to Nanquidno which was just a few hundred yards down the road to where i knew the Pied Flycatcher was showing well.
 After waiting 30 Min's or so i was just about to pack up and go back to work to start the
evening shift when i saw the Flycatcher land on the back of the tree in front of me
Following what seemed like a lifetime the Flycatcher finally made his way
around the tree where he stayed there long enough for me to grab a few nice photos of him.