Friday, 28 October 2011

The Last Moth Trap

These photo's was take a couple weeks ago when Chris did his
last moth trap before he went back home to Somerset. 
As i remember it was very dark and cold Early morning down at the hostel
i start work at 7 so i got in an hour Early so i can take a few photos of what was in his trap,
the last few time he had do it there was nothing in it so i didn't have much hope, there
were a few moths in it , but Chris seemed really disappointed about it all.
but there were some that i had never seen before so i was happy .
Sorry about the lack of knowledge about the photos , i don't know much at all
about moths. (something i have got to and will learn ).
Chris did tell me what moth was what , 
but after a couple of week i can remember them so i have just posted  the photos .