Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Drift Dam sun 28th

Between shifts i decided to take a trip down to drift to see how low the water level
really was , it was the lowest ive seen but then again im only 25 !!
With camera in hand i took a walk along the edge, the weather was still cloudy
with the sun breaking though every now and again .
I managed to get a few photos but nothing great ,
I really wish i had a 500mm lens... 

Grey Heron 

Cormorant : Over 8000 pairs in the uk 

Female wheatear : in the summer there are 540.000 adults in the uk .....
(Thanks Chris )

 sandpipers: one of the best photos ive taken is the one of the sandpiper
in flight

 The Canada Goose , doing a flypast of drift dam

 Female Mallard duck ,, the population has declined by 30%
in recent years

 Buff Tip Moth Caterpillar : as they grow bigger they separate into
smaller groups and quickly eat the leaves off small bushes and trees


Speckled wood butterfly